Hawaii is using free airfare to lure remote workers to move temporarily to the tropical oasis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Aloha State launched the residency program called “Movers and Shakas,” which will allow out-of-state workers to apply for round-trip tickets to the island of Oahu.

“Movers and Shakas is a small step towards economic recovery and diversifying our economy,” Jason Higa, the group’s founder, told CNN.

Higa said the program will be a safer way to attract visitors to the island while still bringing in business to local establishments hurt by less tourism.

“Now that many people have the choice to work remotely, there’s an opportunity for former local residents to return home and for out-of-state individuals and families to live and work from Hawaii for a longer period of time,” Higa said in a statement.

The program will be accepting applications for its first cohort until Dec. 15 and then others will be approved on a rolling basis.

Anyone who applies to the program must 18 years old and agree to live in the state for 30 consecutive days.

They will also be required to commit a few hours every week to a nonprofit, where they can use their knowledge and skills.

“We believe this program will attract many former Hawaii residents and professionals seeking a safe, warm environment to continue living their normal lives while contributing to the Hawaii community,” Higa said.

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