Nashville RV bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was a weed-loving flower child with a “Magnum, P.I. mustache” — who hated cops, a former co-worker has claimed.

“He was kind of a hippie. Had long hair,” Tom Lundborg told The Daily Beast of his years-long daily dealings with the Christmas day suicide bomber starting in the 70s.

Lundborg — who was a teenager when he first met the then-20 something Warner — said he “kind of looked up to him” as they worked in Antioch, a suburb of Nashville where Warner stayed until his death.

“He was a smart cocky kind of guy. I rode around with him all day every day—during the summers, at least for a couple of years,” he said of his partner working for Lundborg’s dad’s company, A.C.E. Alarms.

“He was a little guy, the silent type, but nice-looking to girls,” Lundborg said, saying Warner loved smoking weed.

“My dad would go to dive bars with him. He was popular with the females in there, you could just tell. He didn’t flirt a lot, but you could tell they liked him.” 

Warner told him he had been in the Navy, although there is no history of him, ever having served in the US Armed Forces, The Daily Beast noted.

Warner hated police, and would lecture his young colleague whenever they saw any officers, he said.

He told The Daily Beast that Warner would tell him, “I hate cops. They’re all corrupt. Never trust a cop.”

Lundborg said Warner “betrayed” his parents and started his own alarm company, taking some A.C.E. clients with him, but it failed because “he didn’t have the personality” to deal with customers.

He last saw him in 2007, he told the outlet, detailing nothing that would suggest the horror’s the 63-year-old would go on to commit with his explosive-laden RV on Christmas morning.

Authorities have also said Warner was never on their radar, and his only arrest was in 1978 for possession of marijuana.

This year, he appeared to be changing his life in ways that suggest he was long planning his suicide blast.

He gave away his car, telling the recipient that he had cancer, told a client he was retiring, and even gave away his home

Less than a week before Christmas, he also smiled as he told a neighbor that “Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.

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