A former North Carolina flight paramedic who was charged with murdering his wife by poisoning her with Visine in 2018 was reportedly arrested again for allegedly setting a fire in a medical helicopter during a flight.

Joshua Hunsucker was arrested Monday on felony charges of burning personal property after he was accused of intentionally igniting medical equipment on the chopper as it flew over Charlotte on Nov. 26, 2019, WBTV reported.

The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing that interfered with flight operations, according to the news outlet, which cited information from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

 Police said the case has been under investigation but probable cause for Hunsucker’s arrest had not been established until recently.

In December 2019, Hunsucker is alleged to have given his wife, Stacy, a fatal dose of tetrahydrozoline, a decongestant commonly found in eye drops that can cause the heart to stop when ingested.

Joshua Hunsucker in a prison jumpsuit.
Hunsucker is accused of setting a fire in a medical helicopter.
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Special agents with the North Carolina Department of Insurance began their investigation after Stacy’s mother, Suzie Robinson, alerted them of possible insurance fraud by her former son-in-law.

Hunsucker pocketed a $250,000 life insurance payout upon his wife’s death.

Robinson reportedly believed he wanted to kill her daughter over a relationship with another woman he started during their marriage.

Joshua and Stacy Hunsucker
Hunsucker is out on bail awaiting his trial for Stacy’s murder.

Hunsucker, who was charged with first-degree murder, was terminated by his company, Atrium Health, effective Dec. 20, 2019, according to WBTV.

He was jailed under a $1.5 million bond, which he was able to post, according to the station.

According to a copy of a probable cause affidavit obtained by WBTV in 2020, Hunsucker told at least four different versions about what he supposedly did before he found his wife in September 2018.

It states that he refused to allow an autopsy to be performed on his wife, saying he didn’t want her “cut up,” even though she was an organ donor, according to the report.

In a statement about Hunsucker’s most recent arrest, Atrium Health said: “Nothing is more important for our emergency medical crews than safety – especially for those who are in flight.

“If what Mr. Hunsucker is charged with is true, it is unfathomable to us what may have possessed him to endanger himself and others in such a way. We are extremely thankful that our pilot was able to land safely and that no-one was injured and especially grateful that there were no patients on board at the time,” it added.

Hunsucker is alleged to have given his wife, Stacy, a fatal dose of tetrahydrozoline.
Hunsucker is alleged to have given his wife, Stacy, a fatal dose of tetrahydrozoline.

Hunsucker remains out on bond pending his trial in Stacy’s murder.

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