A photo of former President Donald Trump in his new office at Mar-a-Lago was published on Monday, revealing presidential keepsakes and clues about how he is spending his post-presidency.

Trump is seated at a desk that resembles the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk in the photo, which former aide Stephen Miller tweeted after what he called a “terrific meeting.”

A pair of reading glasses and an opened copy of the Wall Street Journal are before Trump on the desk. Trump rarely wears glasses in public.

Partially obscured behind a phone appears to be his favorite drink, a bottle of Diet Coke — though he does not appear to have a button that he used to summon his favored low calorie beverage in the White House.

On a wall behind Trump is a photo of Mount Rushmore with its four presidents. Last year, he mused about adding a fifth: his own. The photo appears to show the Marine One presidential helicopter flying past the chiseled landmark — potentially last year when Trump headlined a Fourth of July fireworks show.

Also on the ex-president’s desk sits a chunk of the metal used to build his US-Mexico border wall. The memento was turned into a trophy and presented to Trump during an April 2019 visit to Calexico, Calif.

On a table over Trump’s shoulder is a small statue of Trump himself while another table holds family pictures.

Miller was an immigration policy hardliner and helped push reforms to reduce illegal and legal immigration. He met with Trump amid a US-Mexico migrant crisis that many, including Trump, attribute to hastily implemented reforms and statements by Biden on immigration.

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