If only he played it this safe with his journalism ethics…

Fully-vaccinated CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has taken mask-wearing to absurd heights — covering his face as he cruised all alone in a convertible with the top down amid the latest scandal to hit his family.

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Photos show the “Cuomo Prime Time” host wearing a surgical mask and waving as he rolled through Sag Harbor his blue Firebird on Thursday, despite CDC and state guidance that says it’s safe for people vaccinated against COVID-19 to go mask-free outside.

Cuomo was jabbed in March and previously infected with the virus, greatly reducing his risk of catching it again.

The newsman’s overly cautious drive-by came as news broke that he counseled his big brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and his senior advisors about handling a wave of sexual harassment allegations.

He suggested that his brother not quit, lest he wind up the latest victim of “cancel culture.”

Cuomo provided his sibling with the political advice during strategy sessions with the lawmaker’s lawyer and aides, violating journalistic ethics, the Washington Post revealed.

Cuomo — one of the network’s biggest stars who regularly interviewed his brother at the height of the coronavirus crisis— has admitted his actions were “inappropriate.”

He apologized on air Thursday night.

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