San Jose mass shooter Samuel Cassidy was caught on camera calmly loading a large duffel bag into his truck early Wednesday — less than an hour before authorities said he slaughtered nine rail-yard colleagues.

Wearing safety clothing with fluorescent strips as well as a mask and cap, Cassidy walks out to his white Ford F-150, putting down the large bag before carefully loading it into the front passenger side, the footage shows.

He then walks around to the driver’s side, taking his time getting in and eventually driving away from his home in the Ramblewood neighborhood of San Jose.

Cassidy’s neighbor, Doug Suh, shared his surveillance camera footage with KPIX 5 News, saying it showed Cassidy leaving at around 5:40 a.m. Wednesday, the usual time he would leave for work.

Samuel Cassidy.
Samuel Cassidy was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera and hour before he killed 9 people.

By 6:30 a.m. — less than an hour later — Cassidy went on the rampage at his longtime workplace, San Jose’s VTA Light Rail Facility, killing nine and injuring others before turning the gun on himself, authorities said.

At around the same time, his home went up in flames, forcing an evacuation of the immediate area. Agents then found explosives and gasoline in his home, along with other weapons, officials

Officials have yet to reveal a motive for the slaughter.

Surveillance footage of Samuel Cassidy putting a duffel bag in his truck.
Samuel Cassidy was seen loading a black duffel bag into his truck.
Surveillance footage of Samuel Cassidy putting a duffel bag in his truck.
A neighbor referred to Samuel Cassidy as “lonely,” saying he never saw friends or family visit.

Cassidy had worked for Valley Transportation Authority since at least 2012, first as a mechanic from 2012 to 2014, then as someone who maintained substations, KPIX said.

He received $160,000 in total pay and benefits, according to public records from 2019.

Suh, who lives across the street from him, described him as “lonely” and “strange” and said he never saw friends or family visit.

Law enforcement officers respond to the scene of a shooting at a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority facility.
Samuel Cassidy left his home and went on a rampage at his workplace, San Jose’s VTA Light Rail Facility.

“I’d say hello and he’d just look at me without saying anything,” Suh told KPIX, admitting that he and his wife were scared of him.

“One day I was backing out of his driveway and he yelled at me, ‘Don’t even go on my driveway!’ After that, I never talked to him again.”

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