A Georgia man has been arrested after he killed his roommate, cut the body into pieces and left the decomposing remains in a shed, authorities said.

Christopher Collin Demmon, 33, was charged with a count of malice murder, after 29-year-old Justin Yeng Xiong’s severed body was discovered behind a house in Devereux, The Union-Recorder reported.

Police said the father of a man who owns the house had followed the smell of decomposing flesh on June 4 to the shed to find remains, covered in maggots.

“I thought, it couldn’t be a body because a body is kind of oblong and has hands, feet, legs, and arms,” the man, who was only identified as Gary, told the outlet.

He said that he called the sheriff’s office to check out his gruesome discovery, which deputies determined was severed remains.

The body was found dumped outside a home in Devereux in Hancock County, Georgia.
The body was found dumped outside a home in Devereux in Hancock County, Georgia.

“They came back from [the shed] with their eyes wide open and said there’s a body in the plastic,” he said.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation identified the victim as Xiong, who had lived a short time at the home with Demmon.

It’s believed that Demmon killed him and dismembered his body, before wrapping the body parts in a plastic bag that was left in the shed, police said.

No motive has been released in the killing.

Three days before the slaying, Demmon had been arrested in Aiken County, South Carolina, after deputies there found a yellow Jeep blocking both lanes of the road

The Jeep belonged to Xiong and there was a bloody chainsaw in the back, WMAZ-TV reported.

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